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Oh look. Another first post. [Sep. 27th, 2008|09:54 pm]
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Hi everybody,

I've been on sparkpeople for years now and I'm half-way to my goal weight. It would go a lot quicker of course if I didn't slip whenever work gets stressful, but I'm getting there.

I guess we all now that it's an amazing site; I couldn't even say if I like the message boards or challenges or fitness resources most.

Combining lj and sparkpeople sounds great, I'd like to see what other spearkpeople do when they aren't working out or tracking food.

Good luck with your goals!

[User Picture]From: we_like_you
2008-09-29 09:38 pm (UTC)
:) It would have made more sense on that comment earlier if I had read this first... Again! Congrats on your success so far! :D I always blog on SparkPeople so I almost never write on lj anymore, but I do occasionally. :) I'm zircadia on lj -- are you fourth_moon on there?
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