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Is this a good diet plan? [May. 3rd, 2010|09:37 pm]
Sparkpeople.com Members


I am looking to lose weight. I am a 159 lb female who is 5'3''. Also I am relatively young (19) but have had a relatively seditary lifestyle since I came to college. I also am determined to stop my binging. I am looking to get back into shape this summer. My finals are over next week and I have a doctors appointment this friday so I am going to devote 100% to this.

1 banana (150 cals)
1 cup cereal (150 cals)
.5 cup skim milk (45 cals)

fat free greek yogurt (100cals)

salad with lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, carrots, other leafy greens, etc. (~70cals)
squeez of lemon or lime (5 cals)
2 oz whole grain bread (150 cals)

fat free cheese stick (50 cals)

pasta with marinara (220+70) and vegetables (30)

seasonal fruit (~100)

Total calories is around 1140.

And for exercise I will be doing walking and running alternatively for 1 hour. So I will be running as long as I can and then walking until I think I can. I really want to work my way up to running for 1 hour.

[User Picture]From: bastets_place
2010-05-04 06:27 pm (UTC)
Most suggestions include/involve consuming at least 1,200 calories a day - and it is considered extreme dieting, at that.
Depending on how much weight you have to lose, the recommended goals involve losing 1-2 pounds a week. That would mean cutting around 500-1000 calories a day from your current food consumption. You would have to figure out how much you are eating NOW to figure out if this is rational or healthy for you.

My suggestion is to actually USE Sparkpeople.com - the website will give you some strong suggestions for nutrition, exercise, etc. It is a BAD idea to exercise too hard and injure yourself or diet too hard and leave yourself really open to a binge.
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[User Picture]From: igosm
2010-05-05 01:49 am (UTC)
Exactly right Use spark people. If you follow their plan of positivity and calorie counting it will be good. Make sure if you use that free tool - include your exercise plan. If you eat much less and exercise much more you can end up undereating and get your body to stop all weight loss (in a panic about extreme calorie restriction).

I think that working on this now, when you are young is a good thing. I hope you do up the exercise a bit because it really helps the brain, and students need a good brain.
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